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  • Lanterns in Huangqiling Mountain

    Huangqi Mountain is located at the intersection of Dongguan Avenue and Middle Dongcheng Road, and the peak has an altitude of 189 meters. The Park covers 7 square kilometers, and has a number of well-known ancient spots such as the lantern at the peak and the ancient temple. Newer attractions of the park include Qifeng Park Square, the Gate, and Qifeng Lake.


    Huangqi Mountain has been a famous place for outings, mountain climbing and worship since the Tang Dynasty. The lantern hanging at the top of Huangqi Mountain is first of the Dongguan Eight Ancient Sceneries. According to ancient legend, there was once a Banyan tree at the top of the mountain that attracted fireflies, making it look like a huge lantern at night, according to ancient legend. Now a huge lantern several meters high has been built at the top and can be seen from many parts of Dongguan at night.