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  • Guancheng Shopping District: New life in an old area

    The Guancheng shopping district is made up of the Xizheng Road to Shiqiao Road traditional shopping area, Diwang Plaza and Walmart. Shops are mostly found on Dongzheng Road, Xizheng Road, Jinniu Road, Beizheng Road, Xiangyang Road, and Zhenhua Road, as well as on Dongzong Avenue.


    There are more than 50 well-known clothing, shoes, bag and IT shops in the Xizheng Road to Shiqiao Road area. The two largest shopping centers in Dongguan, Tianhe and Baijia, are also located here. Walmart is the largest and most popular in the nearly 150,000 square meter Xichenglou Avenue shopping area. As the oldest shopping area in Dongguan, it is also one of the most popular in Dongguan.


    The Dongzong Avenue area features many shopping centers, including the Diwang Plaza, Yingfeng Plaza, Walmart, Dongfang Yujing Venice, etc. Many brand names can be found in the area, including Wal-Mart and Tianhong.