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1. Yasuo Nishiguchi, CEO of KYOCERA Corporation:
We highly appreciate the efforts made by of the Dongguan and Shilong Government in providing infrastructure such as electric power and communication to attract investment.


2. Liang Shaokang, President of SAE Magnetics (H.K.) Ltd.:
Since entering Dongguan in 1989, SAE has received great support and assistance from the Dongguan Government. The company’s scale and strength have expanded continuously.
Dongguan is a world famous manufacturing city and a favorite of investors. It features superior geographic position, convenient transportation, comprehensive infrastructure, extensive industrial system, complete supply chain, good investment policy and broad development prospects.
It’s perfect to invest in Dongguan. 18 years ago, we chose Dongguan; today, we try to give back to society; in the future, we will stay and develop with Dongguan.


3. Jiang Haowen, Representative Director and Proprietor of Samsung Electro-Mechanics:
Dongguan is a well-developed city in many aspects such as telecommunication, electricity, water, transportation and workforce. Dongguan has become the most competitive city in China and a center base for the international IT industry.
After 10 years in Dongguan, Samsung has developed into a large-scale enterprise with 700 million USD in annual sales and more than 6,000 employees.
Our achievements today are thanks to the assistance of the government. Actively attracting investment and supporting development have proved very useful. I hope Dongguan will keep developing its support system and the city!


4. Josef M. Mueller, Head of Nestle in the Greater China Region:
Nestle believes that a company can only be profitable if its actions fit local interests. The successful history of Nestle in Dongguan reflects this belief. Success can’t come without mutual trust and respect. We appreciate the great support of China central government and Guangdong Province, Yunnan Province and Dongguan. We also thank the continuous efforts of all the company’s personnel and coffee farmers. Finally, we would like to thank the strong support and assistance of the Nestle Group, especially the support and technical assistance provided by Nestle Technology, making Nestle Dongguan the most advanced coffee manufacturing plant in China and perhaps the world.


5. Nozu Kinnsaku, General Manager of Pioneer Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.
In July, 2001, Japan Pioneer invested the Pioneer Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., in Liaobu. Enjoying the local investment environment and workforce, resources and government support, we will continue to produce high-tech products to the satisfaction of customers’ needs.