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    Interview with Megan-A Teacher at QSI


    Megan Woodruff is from Alberta Canada, and has been living in China for three years. She's a teacher at QSI International School Dongguan.


    •Tell us about yourself


    My name is Megan Woodruff, I’m from Alberta Canada, and I’ve been living in China for three years. The last two years I spent teaching for QSI in Chongqing, and this year my husband and I moved to Dongguan for a change of venue.


    •How do you feel as an expat living in Dongguan?


    I love living in China. It’s interesting how different your experience can be depending on which city you’re living in. Chongqing had an entirely different feel than Dongguan, but both have been extremely enjoyable and rewarding cities to live in. Compared to Chongqing, Dongguan is a very easy city to be a foreigner in. Many people speak English, there are tons of Western restaurants and grocery stores, and plenty of other foreigners to interact with. I love that I can be just another face in the crowd here. Chongqing has so few foreigners that I felt like a celebrity everywhere I went! The people here are fabulously friendly and the city is really beautiful.


    •What made you choose to become a teacher?


    Everything I’ve ever done in my life has led me down this career path. I grew up teaching Sunday School, then when I turned 16 I started lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons, plus teaching piano lessons. I did both of those right until I moved to China. Teaching is an incredibly rewarding profession. My days go by in the blink of an eye because I have so much fun with my students. It’s very exciting to see children grow, develop, mature, learn, and be enthused about their education. Teaching allows you to be so free and creative. There truly is never a dull moment – and that is just the kind of job everyone should have!


    •How do you like teaching at QSI?


    I love it! QSI is such a feel-good organization. They really look out for their teachers and provide a safe and nurturing environment to work in. Aside from the organization, I especially love the educational theory behind QSI. Mastery based learning is a genius approach to assessment and has revolutionized the way that I think about education. If only every school the world over used this approach, I am confident that a LOT more learning would take place!


    •What’s your plan for the future?


    My husband and I plan to spend our lives overseas. We don’t know how much longer we’ll be in Dongguan, or China for that matter, but we expect that we won’t go home to Canada for some time!


    About QSI Dongguan


    QSI International School of Dongguan, a non-profit institution that opened in August 2004 in Chang'an and August 2005 in Dongguan, offers high quality education in the English language for students from 2 to 17 years of age.


    Source:Deltabridges/www.dgtoday.com.cn  Editor:Zhou Mingfeng