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    Bestmanns global workplace




    Rowan’s work is rarely seen by the public.


    Rowan Bestmann spends his working life roaming the globe shooting pictures few in the world ever see, yet he has just won two World Environmental Photographer of the Year awards.


    The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management awards are among the most prestigious in the photography world.


    Sydney-born Rowan lives in Maryborough with his wife Shannon, who he doesn’t see a lot of unless she travels with him.


    "I’m what they call a documentary photographer and I work mostly with local authorities the world over.


    "That means I photograph infrastructure in places like Riyadh, Canada and China.


    "And if a shire goes under flood somewhere in Australia I’m often on the first chopper in.


    "But ask me to photograph a wedding and I get all jittery and my blood pressure rises.”


    Rowan’s love affair with the camera began when he was a kid.


    "I was very young and fascinated with the machine that could stop time.


    "Seven years ago I bought my first digital SLR when I was teaching English in Dongguan in China.


    "I began taking portraits and then shooting stuff in foreign investment factories. Very quickly my photography took over from my teaching and I went at it fulltime.”


    Maryborough was the Bestmanns’ choice because Shannon’s mum, Heather, lives here.


    "And my parents have 160 acres at Blackbutt so this is very much home.”


    Just as the Chronicle was finishing this interview Rowan was boarding a plane to Rockhampton to shoot flood landscapes.


    Two days ago he was shooting in the Murweh shire – again floods.


    "Most of my work is used for infrastructure planning. The public rarely sees it.


    "The patterns and lines that man creates with large scale projects fascinates me.I shoot practical pictures that also happen to be beautiful because that’s the way I see structures.


    I’ve crafted this career out for myself and I love it.


    "But my dream is to be able to stay here in Maryborough, preferably with a couple of ankle biters around us and then do more local government work in Australia, particularly in Queensland.


    "I’m getting seriously jet-lagged.”


    Toni Mcrae


    Source:Fraser Coast Chronicle  Editor:Tan Jing