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    Dongguan through the eyes of an American designer


    Will Coon, the Operation Manager of HRS


    The American design company HRS is considering establishing its China office in Dongguan. Mr. Will Coon, the Operation Manager of HRS, visited Chang'an Town of Dongguan City for the third time. On this summer's visit he was accompanied by his friend Aaron. "We've been to many other places in China, but Dongguan seems to be the most suitable choice for our China office."


    HRS has 30 years experience in housing design and construction, which usually targets affluent high-end clients. All HRS's interior designers are also members of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), which is a national association for the more reputable and prestigious designers throughout the US. HRS has performed many classical designs for numerous celebrities, movie producers, and professional athletes including Tom Cruise, Celine Dion, and Michael Jordan.


    In Will's opinion, the designer should be familiar with the home owners' individual character, even going so far as to ask certain personal questions. "A good design must be a perfect interaction of the designer's subconscious with the home owner and the surrounding space" said Will. "A good designer is first of all an artist. Besides learning all about the dynamics of design such as colour, furniture and so forth, the designer can mold this flow naturally and this takes talent. A good design solution comes from a perfect complementary understanding between designer and client."