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    Dongguan media has been developing rapidly in recent years. The Dongguan Press Group was set up, founding the Dongguan Times and the Dongguan Times Network. The Dongguan Daily also grew from one newspaper to a modern news group with 5 sub-medias and 10 management companies, while its total revenue growing from 64 million RMB in 2006 to 215 million RMB in 2010. The Dongguan TV and Radio Network Development Ltd. was also set up, and now has more than 1.5 million end users. In 2010, the Dongguan TV and Radio Station grossed 312 million RMB in ad sales, and the Dongguan Sun Web had a daily page view of 4 million hits, making it the fifth largest website in the country and the number 1 site in Guangdong based on its traffic figures. At the same time, the Dongguan Daily mobile version has 150,000 paying members, ranking it among the top 3 town-level prefecture mobile newspapers in the country.