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  • Haogang Site Museum of Dongguan

    It is a museum collecting, researching and exhibiting relics from the Haogang shell site as well as sites in the Pearl River, Yangtze River and Yellow River areas. Haoguan site is a late Neolithic shell midden site from roughly 5,000 years ago, Two complete human skeletons have been found there. It is known among historians as the “first village in the Pearl River Delta area” and the “cornerstone of the Dongguan history and culture”.


    Address: Longchuantang, Shenghe Community, Nancheng, Dongguan
    Open: 8:30 am – 17:15 pm
    Tel: 0769-22459922
    Email: dghaogangsite@163.com
    Website: http://www1.dg.gov.cn/publicfiles/business/htmlfiles/dgnc/s18076/