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  • Qianjiao Lamp

    This name of the lamp comes from a local Dongguan dialect which the word “angle” sounds the same as “number”, while “lamp” sounds the same as “people”. In the past, the lamp was placed in the Zhao family ancestry altar, and would be lit only when someone in the family gave birth to a son. The name expresses hopes that the family would grow and prosper. The Qianjiao Lamp was shown at the Dongguan County Fair in 1953, at the Guangzhou Culture Park in 1957, at the Dongguan County Exhibition Center in 1963, and in Keyuan garden in 1965. In 2005, the lamp was shown in Shenyang for the first time, receiving the National Folk Craft Gold Award and the name “Number 1 Lamp in China”. Currently, it is listed in the first national group of Intangible Cultural Heritage.