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  • Wangniudun Qiqiao Festival (On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month)

    Also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day, this festival is held on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month every year. People prepare and offer a “Qixi Gong’an” (an assortment telling the Chinese folk story) in hope for love and happy marriages. This unique cultural and romantic atmosphere is a special Lingnan folk culture known across Guangdong and even across the country.

    The Wangniudun “Qixi Gong’an” combines various folk art such as carving, embroidery, painting, handcraft, and is highly artistic. In 2007, Wangniudun was named as the “Guangdong Qiqiao folk Art Vllage”, and the “Qiqiao Festival” was listed as the non-material heritage in Guangdong.