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  • Dongguan Library

    The Dongguan Library is the largest prefecture-level city library in China with a total construction area of 44,654 square meters. It has the first comic library in mainland China, the first self-service library, and the first library on Cantonese opera. It is also an urban digital library with daily exhibits, weekly seminars and monthly special features. The concept of the library is about experiencing and exchanging knowledge firsthand.


    Currently, with the Dongguan Library as the main library, there is a library service network made up of 48 branches around the city, 102 service stations and 123 culture sharing service points, creating a system that allows the borrowing of books from many different locations with just one libary card, and the ability to return books from multiple locations. This service currently covers the 32 towns in Dongguan 24 hours throughout the year.


    Tel: 0769-22834111
    Address: Central Plaza, Hongfu Road, Dongguan
    Website: http://www.dglib.cn