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  • City Renowned for Lingnan Culture

    Dongguan has always been an open and inclusive city. It was one of the important birthplaces of the Lingnan culture. In recent years, Dongguan has used the Lingnan culture as a foundation to recreate itself as a renowned cultural city with unique local character.

    Lingnan Culture
    Lingnan Art is one of the most unique cultures in China. The original fathers of this style were Lian Ju and Chao Ju, who lived and taught painting in Keyuan. Dongguan also produced several fine talents such as Mu Zhang, Erya Deng, Geng Rong, and Bai Deng, driving the painting style of Lingnan Art. The Dongguan Lingnan Art College is an important modern heritage of Lingnan Art, and is now a major base for promoting Lingnan art.

    Cantonese Opera is a unique in Lingnan culture. Dongguan is one of the major homes of Cantonese opera, which it is extremely popular in the area. Dongguan has produced many famous Cantonese opera singers, such as Feifan He, Xiaofeng Chen, Qiguang Lu, etc. Daojiao has been awarded the names of “Home of Chinese opera” and “Home of folk Chinese opera” by the China Opera Association and the Ministry of Culture. Machong has been called “the home of Cantonese opera in Guangdong”. The Dongguan Chang’an Cantonese Opera “Si Yuan” was performed in the Great Hall of the People, and awarded the China Folk Art Golden Award.

    Keyuan Garden is one of the four most famous gardens in Guangdong during the Qing Dynasty, and was a gathering place for scholars. It has a compact layout, a clear structure and quiet landscapes. The buildings are built nicely, with verandas, pavilions, large boulders and flowing water. Keyuan Garden was a gathering place for scholars in ancient times. As a national culture relic, Keyuan is important in the modern history of art and architecture in Guangdong.