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    In 1839, the Humen Opium Incineration led to a war with the British. It was an event that rocked the world. Lin Zexu (1785—1850), a Qing Dynasty Imperial commissioner and a great thinker, has fought against the oppression by the foreign powers. He was a true Chinese hero and has made significant contributions to the opium incineration event at Humen.


    Today, “Made in Dongguan” is a new key phrase. Dongguan is a place that connects yesterday with the present and the future, opening the doors to modern China: it is a manufacturing center and a “vivid microcosm of the reform and opening of China.”


    Old songs and new music, ancient temples and white wedding dresses, countryside and industry, attics and villas...traditional, ancient flavor meets modern fashion in Dongguan. Where there is contradiction, there is also beauty.


    This is Dongguan.

    A city that is both old and new.

    A city with international impact.

    A city with idyllic charm, blooming with opportunities.

    A city that you think you might know, but which holds many surprises for you.

    Welcome to Dongguan!